« Drawn.Lab » – Brand image & global design

Drawn.Lab – 3D printing


Drawn.lab has been created to highlight a 3D printer’s knowledge & the possibilities of the machine, and to share it with his clients. The aim is to give the implement to people in view of developping their creative mind and in the same time, dealing with 2D on to 3D and 3D by participating in the process and being active in the creation. 
Thanks to the showroom, a base in view of a future shop, Drawn.lab is offering a playful experience based on creativity and learning,
putting human being in the center of the creative experience.
Drawn.lab enables people to create personalized objects for their own needs with different levels of creativity.
First level is understanding, second level practicing, and last, creating themselves.
The graphic system of Drawn.lab enables you to use 2D and 3D thanks to an isometric grid and communication supports with blending papers which add volume to the graphic standards. We chose to invent a graphic system to have multiple possibilities and to create an entire universe for the brand image.


© Lauren Azzis


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