« Le monde de travers » – Photography

Le monde de travers 


The Under World is a serie of 4 pictures, which is questioning our perceptions, the existence of another world just under our feet.
The serie is based on the reflect of our world in the water and all the pictures have been rotated.
The reflect on the water gives life to another world, day by day, and disturbs our perceptions, makes us wrong.
This world, bit by bit, becomes reality.
The first picture is the one which contains more of our real world. Quite the opposite, the fourth one has just a little fragment of the real world and only takes shape by the Under World.
See through the world, under the world.
One raining day, when we look at pools of water, what do we really see ? Our reflect ? Another world under our feet, that looks just like ours ? The Under World plays and makes fun of our perceptions, our point of view. It lies as it hides or shows this unreal world confusing us.
So where is the real really hidding ? Does this Under world only exist because of ours ? Or does ours only exist through the Under World, sending us our reflect ?


© Lauren Azzis