« The bakery » – Exhibition for SIRHA 2015


We observed that there was a major problem in bakeries : when you’re waiting in the queue, in particular during the rush hour you don’t have time to see the products clearly because people above you block the visibility of the glass case. The problem is the space location of the glass case that causes a lack of time to choose, to arouse desire of the customer. This ruins the moment of the choice. We decided to change that waiting time for a discovery time, which will able the customer to take the time to choose what he really wants. Time will allow to arouse the desire, to enjoy visually the products. 
We propose to split the furniture, the glass case into two different spaces :
the first one is the front window, which is no longer near the seller, but located into the shop & visible from the outside. The second one, is the restocking, which is behind the seller and give simple access from the laboratory. 



© Lauren Azzis


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